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April 23, 2014
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Warren Moseley @GetSayAh

Most physicians do not know that nearly 90% of prospective patients and referrals check their web reputations before making an appointment and one of every three web reviews is negative. Many physicians do not know that their medicaid and medicare fee reimbursements can be reduced up to 9% based in large part on patient satisfaction. Many insurers use patient satisfaction to determine how much to reimburse a physician or even if they will allow them into their network. SayAh's software for reputation management and patient satisfaction is the best and least expensive solution on the market.

Meet the Organizers

Barron Ryan @BarronCP

Barron Ryan is a concert pianist who embodies his slogan, 'Classic Meets Cool'. He has combined his classical music training with a love for American styles to wow audiences in Israel, Japan, and most importantly Tulsa.

Brad Post @bradpost

Brad Post has spent his entire career building successful sales teams. His history includes many executive positions within a fortune 500 company. In recent years, he has started several businesses. He is currently the President and Co-Founder of Movement Inc., an online marketing company.

Dustin Curzon @dcurzon

Dustin is the Founder and Chief Storyteller of Narrable - a creative tool that empowers students to reflect on what they've learned in class and experienced in life. Outside of work, Dustin and his wife, Emily, work with high school students at their church and spend time hiking with their Golden Retriever, Charlie.

Tim Bickers @timbickers

Tim is the co-founder of Emerging Ideas, which develops entrepreneurs and their ideas in Zimbabwe, Africa. Tim creatively uses business to promote philanthropy and social change in Africa. Tim works with entrepreneurs and startups in the USA and Sub-Saharan Africa. He is a marketer by trade and loves great stories, and translating those stories into tangible opportunities.

Past Organizers

Past Presenters

RunGoodGear is poker’s newest apparel online store. Our mission is to provide players with stylish, comfortable, and a bit of luck-filled clothing. provides poker shirts, hoodies, and hats for players to hit the felt. It's a new era in Poker, and we're making sure grinders have a place to gear up.

The What If...? Conference

A gathering of innovation, jumpstarted by questions, propelled by active curiosity. What If…? brings together educators, entrepreneurs, tech, and more at an annual, participatory Conference. Off-stage presenters join 20 questions, a Quirky workshop, and three band concert at the Blue Note, a rock hall in Columbia, MO. What If…? is a place to ask questions that matter, then do something about them. What If…? at large has a book offer from Chronicle Books, holds workshops, and holds independent events.

idefi Group LLC

idefi is a platform where brands create competitions to win products or services through social networking. idefi utilizes a new, patent pending process called "click to win." Consumers compete by sharing a branded interactive widget via social media. Each time this widget is clicked (or shared) it increases their chance to win while also spreading the brand's message. In a nutshell: Brands create competitions; consumers compete via social media, the brand's message goes "viral"


Owlpal is a mobile health solution for the surveillance of nocturnal asthma in children. The product will function as an iOS and Android application, using acoustic technology to monitor wheezing, coughing, and labored breathing in children as they sleep. The annual direct medical cost of pediatric asthma has been estimated at roughly $2.8 billion in the U.S., a burden that Owlpal’s detective and predictive capabilities can significantly lessen.

WHAT IS FIND ME – FIND ME is a first of its kind disaster safety applications for iPhone and Android devices. First developed to focus on tornado safety, the difference between this application and other preparedness applications is that this application is the only non- subscription based Personal Emergency Alert app for users to send to THEIR family and friends to be able to know if you are safe, or where to locate them with web-based mapping or GPS coordinates FOLLOWING an incident.

Moomat's core technology is based on semantically connecting information. We identify the semantic relationships that relate information and data, and then expose those relationships through different interfaces, such as a web text based UI, or a visual and multimedia touch based UI. The applications of our technology range from archival content recommendation to content exploration and discovery to data curation to education.

BIA Training Solutions

A one of a training organization that brings a complete protection plan to the individual, family and or small business environments. It is owned and operated by a newly returned Special Forces Green Beret who has the experience, charisma, and genuine passion for giving the gift of preparedness to others in his community. BIA is a one of a kind just like its clients and we believe in training today for tomorrow.

Trivia 4 Friends

Trivia 4 Friends is a mobile app for both iPhone & Android. You answer multiple choice trivia questions and play against one, two or three other players. You have a limited time to answer each question so playing the game does not take up a lot of your time. Once you play your turn, you wait on the next player to play their turn at their convenience. You log into Facebook to play BUT nothing is ever posted to Facebook without your permission. In other words, no automatic posts for which you have no control.

Bright Tot

Bright Tot exists to make it easy and convenient for parents to spend quality time with their 2 to 6 year olds. Each month we send our customers a themed box full of fun activities, including all of the materials and instructions that they need to spend quality, developmental time with their kids.

KillerShot, LLC

We engineer, design and manufacture innovative GoPro® accessories, such as the GoSpike™, GoSwivel™ and GoElevation™. In addition, we are GoPro authorized retailer and reseller of the hottest small camera accessory for any activity. Our goal is to give the customer the tools to capture that killer shot!


In order to provide businesses with a powerful marketing channel, combined with the ability to increase volunteerism in the community, InspireVive hosts sponsored competitions where members who earn the most points, win tickets to the best events in town. Members can earn points by volunteering, or by raising awareness about a social issue via social media. Social media posts will both raise awareness about a social issue, and mention how the company providing the tickets is helping solve the problem.


Knoda organizes the world's predictions to create a fun game for predictors and valuable information for content producers.

'The Wonderful World of Pete and Penelope'

We produce children's television programming.


From our vision to improve the the classic e-commerce market has emerged a software which combines both, a better user experience and improved performance. There are many ways to measure, analyze and optimize the conversion rate - Our approach is unique because we felt the pain of data-mash-up and data overload. Simplicity and actionable reports are much more important. Our product is a simple javascript plugin for ecommerce platforms with an algorithm that creates user-driven promotional offers. is a social action platform designed for leaders so they can inspire action, create change, and measure the real-world impact. We want to make it easier for people to integrate activities into their daily life that support the causes they're passionate about!

Offerboxx, LLC

Offerboxx is a early stage SaaS startup. Focussed on building tools that allow Retailers and other businesses to engage consumers on location through promotions or offers and capture rich and realtime information that helps them understand more about who their in-store customer is and reach out to them to increase sales.


We began building in 2012. Risha's statewide conversations on diversity and business showed that CEO's who saw a value in Diversity & Inclusion felt it was difficult and expensive to find diverse professionals. This website is an affordable, easy connection point to Oklahoma diverse talent, built with our state's thriving small business economy in mind. Our mission is to build the largest network of diverse candidates in the state. We also offer resources and events related to diversity.

SIVI is a gamified platform for activating entrepreneurs. By merging academic science with engaging design and social technology, SIVI will identify and develop aspiring entrepreneurs and startups. SIVI’s LaunchLeader product combines e-learning with activity-based challenges and rewards entrepreneurs with tangible resources. Created by experienced startup founders, SIVI’s mission is to become the global standard for qualifying entrepreneurs.

Docvia, LLC dba ICEdot

ICEdot is an emergency ID and notification service innovating safety technology for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. ICEdot syncs a secure online profile with products such as a band, helmet stickers or it’s latest product, the Crash Sensor. In Case Of Emergency, ICEdot has the ability share predesignated health and geolocation information over sms/text.

One Stop Business Resource

We connect people and their business ideas with all the local professionals (Attorney, Banker, Insurance, CPA, Marketing and IT) they need to turn their idea into a business.


CleanNG is an innovator of advanced fuel storage systems for natural gas applications. Our first product, the MagnumCel, is the most advanced compressed natural gas (CNG) tank in the industry. The MagnumCel offers up to 10 percent more fuel storage and 40 percent less weight when compared to traditional composite tanks.

Jennifer Juice

We are Tulsa's first cold-pressed raw juice bar. Twice weekly we press pure juice out of fresh seasonal produce that we source as locally as possible. By cold-pressing the way we do, we are able to get every bit of the good stuff out of our produce, keeping it alive and undamaged by grinding or heating. We bottle our own juice blends to sell, and we also mix juices for customers in our bar, cocktail-style.

Ever Something Event Styling

We are a modern event and floral design company focused on bringing a unique perspective to the wedding industry. Our main passion is floral design and we would like to create beauty in everyday. One off shoot is for guys to be able to order arrangements for the special days throughout the year and make sure they don't forget their wife or girlfriend. We are looking to scale and are looking for a store front in or near downtown in 2014.

Two Guys Bow Ties

Two Guys Bow Ties is an innovative and distinctive brand that has reinvented the classic bow tie. Derived from a collaboration of creative and tasteful minds, Two Guys Bow Ties is an accessory created for a daring new generation of men set to express themselves with originality and flair.

Cultural Outreach Solutions

Cultural Outreach Solutions (COS) is a social enterprise that provides comprehensive settlement services to immigrants in Oklahoma and the businesses that serve them. Currently, COS provides services to local businesses including translation, interpretation, and cultural competency training. Through a strategic range of additional services to the immigrant community, COS will reduce acculturation stress and increase positive outcomes in children of immigrants.

Wai is a mobile app that sparks short, spontaneous video calls with the people you want to stay in touch with. Wai connects you with someone you care about through a live face-to-face video call at some point during your day. You won’t know which friend you are being connected with and neither will they. Wai is based on the powerful idea that there is no substitute for live face-to-face conversation.The call will only last for three minutes and fifteen seconds.

Look Inside Tulsa

We connect people and places by producing walk-through immersive tours of physical locations so that people can walk around and become familiar with them before coming. Businesses, non-profits, public entities, and other organizations can use our services to easily share their places with new people. Look Inside Tulsa provides both media production and online marketing services, but remains exclusively focused on sharing physical places, so we can work cooperatively with existing marketing companies.


The airline industry faces the growing threat of a catastrophic in-air fire from lithium and magnesium, which are components in personal electronics such as laptops and cell phones. Using patented Firebane technology, SpectrumFX, LLC makes the Lithium-Ion Fire Extinguishing (LIFE) Kit so that flight attendants can safely and effectively suppress the hottest burning molten metal fires, including lithium and magnesium fires.

Founded upon three generations of fine tailoring, HITSMAN brings together the combination of classic style and modern proportions. Made of cotton, wool, or silk, each tie and bow tie is pieced together by the hands of experienced craftsmen whose attention to detail gives life to the story in each design. Hand-crafted in New York, each HITSMAN piece embodies the tradition of fine American tailoring. We craft neckwear, pocket squares, wallets, and other fine leather goods.

A Child's Cup Full

ACCF has opened an economic unit that employs refugee women to create educational toys that ACCF then markets and sells. The toys are handmade by using surplus fabrics and materials. The profit provides for the women artisans' salaries and once the project becomes sustainable, the profit will also be used to create educational centers in the women's local communities.

Heavenly Bread Co.

Heavenly Bread Company is a social enterprise bakery, handcrafting breads with optimal nutritional quality in order to provide job training and employment for women with criminal histories in Oklahoma.

We are a coffee company involved in every step of the process from growing the beans on our family farms in El Salvador to serving a cup of fresh locally roasted coffee in our shops in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Workman Forensics

Workman Forensics is exclusively dedicated to assisting clients with fraud investigation and forensic accounting matters typically in financially complex litigation. Our forensic accountants gather facts about an issue, analyze the facts which result in a story, and then that story is simply communicated to an audience.


4DSales is a tablet based (iPad and Windows 8) application developed for sales professionals by sales professionals with the expressed purpose of creating energy, conversation and professionalism in a sales call.


Explainify is an animation and video studio specializing in the creation of short, to-the-point stories – Explainer Videos. We work with anyone that has a website, idea or business on awesome videos that are less than 90 seconds – the average attention span of the viewer. Explainer videos are the hot new thing for businesses. They increase sales and conversion rates dramatically! It’s the easiest way to give your perfect “elevator pitch” every single time to millions.

Medical price transparency app and webapp that aims to incentivize employees to choose cheaper, higher quality medical care by revealing prices charged for procedures by different medical providers and facilities and the resulting out-of-pockets costs. The result saves the employee and employer substantial money.


ReTenant is a white-label native app platform that enables apartments to have their very own iPhone and Android app.

Moxie Software

Moxie Software is making the world a better connected place to live through the creation of applications that use phone calls, text messages and emails to link businesses to their customers.

Sway Medical

Sway Medical is a mobile software company focused on the development of medical-grade mobile applications to objectively monitor patients. Our initial product Sway Balance is an FDA-cleared mobile software for postural stability and balance assessment in athletes with concussion, seniors at risk of fall, functional limitation assessments in physical therapy and tracking of neurological disease progression using only the existing hardware in any mobile device.

Avirodha Consulting Group

Avirodha Consulting Group is a leading provider of Healthcare Information Technology. Specializing in the selection, implementation, and performance management of EHR systems our consulting practice will help your organization streamline operations, improve quality of health, and maintain industry compliance.

Top That! Pizza

Top That! Pizza is nationally recognized as the world’s first restaurant that specializes in quick, personal-sized pizzas with unlimited toppings for a one price – thus creating and defining a new category in the pizza industry.

HELO's mission is to provide the hand held mobile device user with well designed accessory products that improve the security, protection and functionality of their devices, particularly while on the go.


Narrable uses storytelling through images and narration to engage students and to draw out important higher order thinking skills. Narrable supports teachers by helping them align their existing lesson plans to the Common Core Standards and makes storytelling in the classroom a powerful learning tool.

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